I know, a CV is an adjunct to a job application but that's not what this is.
A bit of information about me and the purpose ( loosely speaking ) of the site
is all you will find here.

ME: Old retired and generally unpleasant, I have been there and done most of that,
not always willingly, but occasionally enthusiastically and generally peppered with
errors which it has mostly been other peoples problem to disentangle when they can
get me away from the disaster site.( see below )

The Site: I am following on from a previous attempt to provide a package of bits I deem
interesting if not informative. A bit of a push of my hobby-cart ahead of the
hobby-horse, I will probably follow a similar path to the previous, a mixture of
images, texts, audios and videos.

Why not use a friendlier platform, instagram or google or youtube? I am (refer to the
above ME: ) uneasy with open social platforms and unwilling to join the
milling , admiring throngs who post their breakfast, bigamy and bland life
details abroad for the purpose of accumulating the most 'likes'. With a website I
control, as limiting as that may be, I can resist the labradoring bid for feedback of the
instant gratification media.

Besides, a web site is cheaper over five years than the cost of a months traffic on my
mobile if you really want to know. As a retired software person of the 1960's
vintage, I enjoy the challenge of a bit of craft. A kind of macramé hobby with a
mixture of language supports and media tools, I like to go 'bare metal' into HTML for
the site. Using GITHUB makes it easy to do updates and maintenance which, when I
finish writing this, will get it onto the site for the breathless world to read.

...the image is worm tracks on fallen tree bark...