A selection of Codeword puzzles by Snodger
with a little bit of help

To get a Codeword volume 19 puzzle 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5, click on or

How the on-line solver aid works.

In order to characterise each puzzle, there is a chart displaying on its top line
English letter frequency percentages, derived from a sample of medicine, astronomy and literature texts.
Below that is the count of letters actually in the current puzzle.
Because each puzzle is a very limited sample, of course, the English and puzzle frequencies
bear only a limited resemblance and present the first part of the fun of solution seeking
You must ask 'is the most common letter a vowel like "E" or a consonant like "T"'?

Best on a PC or a large tablet, the solution proceeds by you choosing a letter from the second line
with a click or touch and then clicking or touching the first line number you think that letter should substitute for.
As each choice is placed on the number line, the puzzle matrix displays the result of the choices you have made.
If a you think a choice is clearly not helpful, click on the letter in the top line or replace it with another choice.

An example,there are three numbers 4,23,16 as a word clue.
You might try B as 4, I as 23 and N as 16 to get BIN. When the matrix shows those three letters all through
you may feel that D-4,O-23 and G-16 makes a more likely looking answer.
The puzzle authors may, of course have decided to tease you by using ZAP.
Bear in mind that Z is a less common English letter, so if letter 4 has frequency of 14, Z is not a likely substitute.


The red button "Clear Selections" restores the English and matrix letter frequencies and the choice lines.
The "Clear matrix" red button restores the puzzle to be solved in its initial form as a grid.

Repeat letter/number substitutions for all 26 letters and the grid will show the resolved crossword...

This is what a trial substitution might look like...

First, B substituted for the number 4 After a click on I then 23, followed by N then 16 you would see

And the matrix would show (which was, by the way, not the right answer for the original puzzle)...